new wall papers from photoshop brushes

1 July 2009

I finally installed many many free for non commercial use photoshop brushes that I have been downloading over time. All the following files were made from these brushes and were originally only made as wall papers and so are 1280 x 800 to accommodate my wide-screen resolution and they are 72 ppi as they are screen based art.

green and black layers of just brushes

green and black layers of just brushes

I am choosing to only sign and upload the best created in the 5 hours I spent after creating this blog. For this particular wall paper I was thinking of my friend Sharri who I would imagine would like this lots.  There is just so many layers of green and black one can’t help but be sucked into this piece.

no photos

no photos

This one uses Polaroid brushes that are intentionally left empty to show there are no photos. This is to appear as a worn out scrapbook with mud and crumpled paper. The labels says there is photos but there areclearly no photos.

"Blood" inspired by Dexter (TV Series)

"Blood" inspired by Dexter (TV Series)

Photoshop brushes once again. This is inspired by Dexter and also from Sweeny Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street movie. There is a visible hand and the blood drips from the top of the screen. The minimal colour palette of red on black makes the blood more impacting on the viewer. I remember making sure no brush was used no more than twice maximum for more realism.

expressionist painting (not pollock inspired)

expressionist painting (not pollock inspired)

Another painted with photoshop brushes but this time they are mimicking real paint brushes. I have used vivid primary painting colours for a change. This is not inspired by Jackson Pollock despite top right corner. This has been my current wall paper for a few weeks now.  It is very expressive.

"Moon on water" a photographically surreal image

"Moon on water" a photographically surreal image

This is a photograhically surreal image created using just photoshop brushes (again). This is almost believable as a real scene except the huge moon which adds to the surreal of the pretend photograph.


airbrushing photo with new skin texture brush

airbrushing photo with new skin texture brush

Airbrushing photo with new skin texture brush. The way that this brush works is great – it makes the skin still have slight texture even though the face is completely covered in this example and then some highlights and shadows were added using darker and lighter brushes.


Not every brush that I have downloaded includes a name to reference and less had urls written in read me files inside the downloadable zip file.  If your brush is used in any of these email me and I will reference you here.

“Obsidian Dawn” or

Ney Ricardo [] [] – official website – account at deviantArt

Galaxies by Sunira

Moon brushes and skin texture brushes Keepwaiting

Blood brushes by shad0ws

Label brushes by invisible snow

Trees by horhew

Wet Liquid Brush by boyingopaw


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