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I have another blog which is about food. Of course, don’t we all.


About Sharing Dinner

Simple easy wholesome recipes from two people who make and eat simple easy wholesome food. We do not want to spend more time cooking then we do eating. We eat mostly seasonal vegetarian food.


I have (finally) opened a flickr account:


screenshot of first flickr upload

Seriously – these are the first ever photographs I have taken. I played around with film cameras a small amount growing up (2 rolls of film tops) but this Olympus digital camera was the first that was ever camera that was just mine to use. With Darwin being as beautiful as it is I went out and had lots of fun taking thousands of photographs. I spent most days chasing sunsets!

Woodford Folk Festival Fire Event

I set up a you tube channel (kassandramovingimage) to start uploading media that is moving image hence the name of the channel. I have opted for the expression moving image for those times when the media is not technically a video.

The first ever moving image that I have uploaded to you tube is from the Woodford Folk Festival Fire Event. As the description says I took this video because it is a very unique viewpoint as the 80-180k or so people watching are sitting up on top of the hill where they cannot actually see the stage or performers but they can see pretty lights, feel the atmosphere and watch the fireworks or the fire (2011/12 there was no actual fire at the fire event).

Video taken on Nikon P5100 640x480px
1 January 2012

Kassandra Photography Blog

I have just started a new blog that will showcase just photography:

Kassandra Photography blog home page

the homepage of my new photography blog

I am so glad that after I post the image I can go in and edit when the post was added to that the dates match when the photographs were taken. 🙂