Print 21 Article

I was recently approached by Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (MSIT) to do some photography to accompany an article. The article is for Print 21 Magazine: Konica Minolta and Pent Net go back to school.

Article from Print 21 - konica minolta and pent net go back to school MSIT metro south institute of TAFE

Truncated screenshot of the article

The brief was simple: a photograph of the two workers alongside their Konica Minolta machine and I would be credited for my work.

photograph for print 21 article - konica minolta and pent net go to school MSIT

Photograph that has been published.

CD cover art

Last year I was asked by a musician to do a photo shoot and to create a stylised vector drawing of him for the cover of his upcoming CD. Long story short: the three versions of the illustration never saw the light of day until now.

Since the design remains my intellectual property I can show you the stylised vector of the unnamed musician:

a musician that will not be named since they were an uncooperative client who wanted to rip me off

Three versions of the stylised vector ready for the CD cover


For what it is worth: I chose the bottom of the three versions for the cover and placed all the required text in the white space and it looked amazing.

Urban Tile Company Stickers

Freelance job for Urban Tile Company to design transparent stickers for boards with which they display tiles in their show room. This job is for 50 stickers in three different colours totalling 150 stickers. I also print brokered the job, learning more about sticker printing. I got the brief through email and went in to meet them when some of the details didn’t work out. Below is the pen to paper sketching alongside the rough done in accordance to the brief:

Urban Tile Company sticker design pen and paper with rough design based off design brief

Pen and paper alongside the rough

Once the size of the sticker and the typeface and its treatment was selected I could go ahead and design the artwork and get quotes for printing. The actual artwork took half an hour to do. Below are the three stickers:

UTC - Sticker Artwork by Kassandra

Sticker artwork for all three colours


With the artwork approved and the print quote accepted the artwork was sent off for printing in the format the printer preferred. (PDF with all three stickers on one page with trim marks for each sticker) I strongly suggested to the client that the stickers be individually cut by the printer for ease of use and to save their time. Below are the three bundles I delivered to my client:

Urban Tile Company bundles of stickers printed and trimmed

Bundles of stickers printed and trimmed

When I was delivering the product I asked the client if I could come back in two weeks to photograph the stickers in situ. I was granted permission to do not only this but to put this job on my website. Below are the stickers on the display board in Urban Tile Company’s show room:

Urban Tile Company sticker design in situ in their showroom

Stickers on display boards in Urban Tile Company's showroom

This was a great job to do and I was very happy to have such a happy client.

Painting for Harry

Harry asked me to paint, well some paintings, for the living room in his new townhouse. Upon spending a few evenings in this living room I realised that the red couches in this room seemed to appear very brown due to all the brown furniture. Harry said he would prefer two panels minimum and that the should be able to work however he needed them to on the wall – he even said “at crazy diagonals if I choose to”.

I started to plan. I realised I wanted yellow and blue/cyan to be the main two colours across the two panels. This is so the red couches stand out a little more as they (paintings and couches) form the primary colours (when painting). The other thing I looked into was using fibonacci numbers so that the panels would be pleasing to the eye. I wanted to experiment with spraypainting and creating drip work on canvass (something I have not done yet).

The two panels are called:

Designed to make Harry’s “red” couches stand out – Panel A and
Designed to make Harry’s “red” couches stand out – Panel B

Before I gave these to Harry I decided to photograph them (of course) but mostly in order to show how many ways the panels really can be placed on a wall – and I only spent two minutes thinking of ways while photographing…

painting by Kassandra Bowers for Harry

Designed to make Harry's "red" couches stand out

I noticed how easy this would be to do with any colour that someone required (favourite colours, sports team colours, go with interior decoration etc) and once I started to show these to people they agreed at how well this custom art/design would sell for – if you are interested in having me paint you a set leave a comment and I will contact you.