CD cover art

Last year I was asked by a musician to do a photo shoot and to create a stylised vector drawing of him for the cover of his upcoming CD. Long story short: the three versions of the illustration never saw the light of day until now.

Since the design remains my intellectual property I can show you the stylised vector of the unnamed musician:

a musician that will not be named since they were an uncooperative client who wanted to rip me off

Three versions of the stylised vector ready for the CD cover


For what it is worth: I chose the bottom of the three versions for the cover and placed all the required text in the white space and it looked amazing.

website wallpapers

From my Archive: 2007

When I was studying at university there was a to-do list that went on forever. Since I was studying computer-based art and design I have some useful skills up my sleeve and I spent heaps of time on my computer. It made sense to have a digital to-do list. I managed to “dig up” a few of these website wallpapers I made to combat the list:

website wallpaper links picture text

website wallpaper example

website wallpaper links picture text

website wallpaper example 2

These website wallpapers comprised of:

  • whatever image I was fascinated with for the week or I made my own to fascinate myself for the next week
  • links to programs most often used
  • links to exact files stored on my hard drive (saved so much time)
  • step by step to-do list for every class
  • whichever typeface fascinated me the most at the time (the two examples I found use Brushed)

I updated these every other day to cross out things and made a whole new one most weekends. Sometimes I started with a table for each day sometimes it was grouped into classes.

These website wall papers were a great way to continue developing my HTML website making skill set and by using Window’s active desktop setting I made something that was easier to navigate then my operating system.

Flower Tag design

I recently bought 10 different types of flowers and pots to plant them in so I could add some colour to my backyard. After planting I was very upset at how crappy the flower tags were. I will not show the originals because they were that bad. They were all red, had a crazy huge logo and the text for each flower was small, upper case and white on red. These tags were more about the company who grew them than about the individual flowers. I had to change this – design tags that were all about the flowers and not me.

As a graphic designer and photographer I started with photographing my new flowers. After getting the photographs off my camera I had to select all the best photographs, about 10 minutes. I spent about 15 minutes getting a rough template together that has the shape, clipping mask all ready to go and the text in place. Using the ‘template’ and the selected photographs, typing in the name, changing colours etc took about 20 minutes for all the tags. So basically I made 10 flower tags in about 45 minutes. Below is 8 of the 10 tags:

flower tags designed by Kassandra

New flower tag design (on black to make the colours pop)

Once I printed them all I cut them out and laminated them and then cut them out (again). Below are the flower tags as they are displayed in the pots:

photographs of the flower tags designed by Kassandra in situ

photographs of the flower tags on display

I have already had some friends and family mistake these flower tags for being the tags that came with the flowers since they are so well designed and professional looking. I smile because this is what I do.

The Dreaming

The Dreaming was amazing. (The Dreaming is “Australia’s international indigenous festival”. It is held at Woodfordia by the Queensland Folk Federation – the same people who organise Woodford Folk Festival and The Planting.) This year The Dreaming was the 11-14th of June (in the middle of winter which is a change from the summer festivals).

I have already mentioned that I was making signs for The Dreaming festival.

Being a part of the set up crew for a festival is amazing. The “family” atmosphere is much more profound.  It was amazing seeing how everyone in the set up crew had their small job to do over the week and by the end of the week there is a festival site ready to go and then the patrons arrive and it is festival time. Being a part of that inspired awe. It was most enjoyable getting fed three meals a day for a week – in exchange for our hard work (apart from most of the set up crew are not morning people and breakfast at 6:30-7:30am is a little too early for us).

So in the “signology” department – the department who make the signs – we um, make signs. Different departments ask for a sign and we do the lettering and paint them. As boring as it is painting between the lines it is still such a great feeling painting all day every day for a week with other like-minded people (sitting near a gas heater was a bonus – you see the heater is for the paint to dry). We all had a blast – it hardly seemed like work at all. I did enjoy myself but I find the Visual Arts (VisArts) department more creatively stimulating. I am still glad that I got to experience Signology.

Below are two types of signs that are created – general/traffic signs and (very large – 6 to 8 foot long) venue signs. In the images I have explained what I did for the signs – I ended up just doing lettering on some signs and other people (namely Jen) painted the letters. There are other signs where I was allowed to be a little creative (with glitter as well) and others where I had full creative freedom to make what I wanted.

General/traffic signs for The Dreaming festival held by Queensland Folk Federation (Woodford Folk Festival) signed lettered and painted by Kassandra

The Dreaming: General/Traffic signs

Venue signs for The Dreaming festival held by Queensland Folk Federation (Woodford Folk Festival) signs are lettered, designed and painted by Kassandra. Paint, festival, Woodford, WFF, Industry tent, art gallery, elders' tea room, venue tent. Watermarked for KassandraDesigns blog - Kassandra Designs.

The Dreaming - Venue signs

Something that was instilled in me at university was documenting my work as I went. I understand the merit of this – those first few steps in creating something will be lost forever if you do not document them. The image below is some photographs taken while I was creating the signs.

working images for all the signs I created for The Dreaming festival 2010 held by Queensland Folk Federation (Woodford Folk Festival) signs are lettered, designed and painted by Kassandra. Paint, festival, Woodford, Woodfordia, WFF, Industry tent, art gallery, elders' tea room, venue tent. Watermarked for KassandraDesigns blog - Kassandra Designs.

The Dreaming - Working images

Overall the experience inspired awe. There was an amazing atmosphere around the festival that I have never experienced before and you must experience it for yourself. The opening ceremony was amazing – I felt so privileged to watch so many indigenous groups perform for us. The other experience I have not had at either Woodford Folk Festival or The Planting festival was – I spent more time with my new friends at camp sites than I did in the festival. It was go great to catch up with everyone I have met at the other festivals. My shameful moment was running around to all the galleries as they were shutting – I made two of the gallery’s signs and didn’t look at the art over the four days – better late then never I guess. The last night, as per the tradition, I donned my red frock and went for a pub crawl, albeit alone, it was still a fun tradition to be a part of.

Until next Dreaming…

Friendship Bracelets

I bought a book recently about how to make friendship bracelets – the woven kind with your name written into the bracelets. I have wanted to know how to make them for years and I was so happy to find a book about it (reduced) that included light and dark purples (my favourite colour).

I made one for myself – If you can’t be your own friend you cannot be a friend to others.
(I did  not get a good photograph before I had it tied to my wrist quite permenantly)

I decided to make a friendship bracelet – well more of a keyring or bookmark for my friend Lauren.

This is how it all turned out:

Friendship Bracelet made for Lauren by Kassandra

Lauren's friendship bracelet

I would make these for my guy friends but I am unsure if they would wear them.  I guess now this skill is a little trick up my sleeve and I could always make these for anyone and possibly make a small amount of money out of the skill.