Woodford Folk Festival Fire Event

I set up a you tube channel (kassandramovingimage) to start uploading media that is moving image hence the name of the channel. I have opted for the expression moving image for those times when the media is not technically a video.

The first ever moving image that I have uploaded to you tube is from the Woodford Folk Festival Fire Event. As the description says I took this video because it is a very unique viewpoint as the 80-180k or so people watching are sitting up on top of the hill where they cannot actually see the stage or performers but they can see pretty lights, feel the atmosphere and watch the fireworks or the fire (2011/12 there was no actual fire at the fire event).

Video taken on Nikon P5100 640x480px
1 January 2012

Gold Coast Big Day Out 2011 – sign design

I worked at the Gold Coast Big Day Out – making signs.

To start my job I did inventory:


Inventory of signs at Gold Coast Big Day Out

Inventory of signs at Gold Coast Big Day Out


The biggest job was 10 new signs that said “Surf the ocean not the crowd” below is a visual of how this job was done:


Big Day Out Surf the Ocean not the crowd

Big Day Out Surf the Ocean not the crowd


I worked on some other signs too:


Big Day Out Other signs Gold Coast 2011

Other signs made at Gold Coast Big Day Out 2011


While I was at the festival I tried to hunt down the signs that I made – I walked through a different entrance to the ones that I made signs for and as we were locked in I unfortunately did not get to take photographs of all my signs in situ. I did however find these three in situ:


Gold Coast Big Day Out 2011 - Signs in situ

Signs in situ at Gold Coast Big Day Out 2011

I had a great time working with the set up crew and it was great to see this festival come together over the three days that I worked on the set up.


The Dreaming

The Dreaming was amazing. (The Dreaming is “Australia’s international indigenous festival”. It is held at Woodfordia by the Queensland Folk Federation – the same people who organise Woodford Folk Festival and The Planting.) This year The Dreaming was the 11-14th of June (in the middle of winter which is a change from the summer festivals).

I have already mentioned that I was making signs for The Dreaming festival.

Being a part of the set up crew for a festival is amazing. The “family” atmosphere is much more profound.  It was amazing seeing how everyone in the set up crew had their small job to do over the week and by the end of the week there is a festival site ready to go and then the patrons arrive and it is festival time. Being a part of that inspired awe. It was most enjoyable getting fed three meals a day for a week – in exchange for our hard work (apart from most of the set up crew are not morning people and breakfast at 6:30-7:30am is a little too early for us).

So in the “signology” department – the department who make the signs – we um, make signs. Different departments ask for a sign and we do the lettering and paint them. As boring as it is painting between the lines it is still such a great feeling painting all day every day for a week with other like-minded people (sitting near a gas heater was a bonus – you see the heater is for the paint to dry). We all had a blast – it hardly seemed like work at all. I did enjoy myself but I find the Visual Arts (VisArts) department more creatively stimulating. I am still glad that I got to experience Signology.

Below are two types of signs that are created – general/traffic signs and (very large – 6 to 8 foot long) venue signs. In the images I have explained what I did for the signs – I ended up just doing lettering on some signs and other people (namely Jen) painted the letters. There are other signs where I was allowed to be a little creative (with glitter as well) and others where I had full creative freedom to make what I wanted.

General/traffic signs for The Dreaming festival held by Queensland Folk Federation (Woodford Folk Festival) signed lettered and painted by Kassandra

The Dreaming: General/Traffic signs

Venue signs for The Dreaming festival held by Queensland Folk Federation (Woodford Folk Festival) signs are lettered, designed and painted by Kassandra. Paint, festival, Woodford, WFF, Industry tent, art gallery, elders' tea room, venue tent. Watermarked for KassandraDesigns blog - Kassandra Designs.

The Dreaming - Venue signs

Something that was instilled in me at university was documenting my work as I went. I understand the merit of this – those first few steps in creating something will be lost forever if you do not document them. The image below is some photographs taken while I was creating the signs.

working images for all the signs I created for The Dreaming festival 2010 held by Queensland Folk Federation (Woodford Folk Festival) signs are lettered, designed and painted by Kassandra. Paint, festival, Woodford, Woodfordia, WFF, Industry tent, art gallery, elders' tea room, venue tent. Watermarked for KassandraDesigns blog - Kassandra Designs.

The Dreaming - Working images

Overall the experience inspired awe. There was an amazing atmosphere around the festival that I have never experienced before and you must experience it for yourself. The opening ceremony was amazing – I felt so privileged to watch so many indigenous groups perform for us. The other experience I have not had at either Woodford Folk Festival or The Planting festival was – I spent more time with my new friends at camp sites than I did in the festival. It was go great to catch up with everyone I have met at the other festivals. My shameful moment was running around to all the galleries as they were shutting – I made two of the gallery’s signs and didn’t look at the art over the four days – better late then never I guess. The last night, as per the tradition, I donned my red frock and went for a pub crawl, albeit alone, it was still a fun tradition to be a part of.

Until next Dreaming…

Woodfordia Induction

I spent the weekend 26th of March through to the 28th of March at the ____________ ___________ _______ Woodfordia site. There are way to many words to describe Woodfordia and I simply say experience it for yourself and you tell me how to describe it.

At the Woodford Organisers Group conference referred to as “The Big Chat” I got to:

Day 1

  • camp wherever I wanted to on the Woodfordia site (Woodford Folk Festival grounds)
  • meet my supervisor in my next role:

    job offer for sign making at the dreaming festival

    Sign maker for Dreaming Festival job offer

I will be making signs for the Dreaming Festival in June 11-13th. The role also involves placing the signs around the festival. The department head of Signology was happy to have me on board as I am a graphic designer and have typography, map making, computer based design (printing and laminating) and painting skills.  As a true leader eager to induct an enthusastic new team member I was told about the new printer and laminator, Bubbles and Bobo respectfully; shown where the signs are stored; how to brave the cold Woodfordia climate during winter and a basic overview of operations before the festival (set up).

  • Welcomed to the Woodford Organisers Conference by the Queensland Folk Federation President, with whom I just met through my department head not 1 hour before he took the stage.
  • Alan Glover and S Sorrensen made the whole room vibrate with laughter the whole time they were on stage. I don’t remember laughing so loudly for so long in a long time.
  • I was oustide and “this bloke” comes over and says:
                               “Hey you lot, get inside now the band is about to start.
                               Come on get inside the band starts in five minutes.
                              Come on you lot, stop smoking and get inside you don’t want to miss the band”. . . . 
                              *Chuckles to himself*
                              “How often does the lead singer of the band usher in the crowd?”

                                                       – John Schumann


  • John Schumann, Hugh McDonald and Alex Black performed some amazing music acoustically.
  • The group stayed up late catching up over some drinks in a relaxed setting surrounded with trees and amazing down to earth loving friendly people.


  • Breakfast.
  • The General Manager gave an overview of the finance for 2009-10 Woodford Folk Festival.
  • I learnt how the overall enterprise is structured, makes money and spends money.
  • The Executive Director and a Foresight Practitioner discussed the myth of the “500 Year Plan”.
  • We had a tea break and moved onto separate more specific workshops. There was a choice of three.
  • I met the Children’s Festival programmer who held a workshop called “A million ways to save a dollar”. We discussed ways that each department of the festival could save a small amount of money by being more efficient.
  • I stayed in the Organisers Club Bar for the Setup Department Head session and it is about the issues faced during the set up – I will be part of the set up crew and want to go into a department head position at some point in the future.
  • We had a lunch break.
  • I had a message passed onto me about where one of my favourite Woodfordians was cooking up fish he caught the day before. It was beautifully cooked. The company up at the undisclosed location was worth meeting and missing out on the Speed Meet session where we only had a few minutes to meet each other. We bonded over an hour.
  • The next workshop I attended was entitled “Getting involved as a new organiser – are you up for being a part of the WOG?” It was interesting how the Volunteers and Department Heads manager facilitated the start of this workshop. We sat in a circle, introduced ourselves (first name and last name) and briefly summarise our involvement in QFF so far and what we want to do now and in the future. When it got to introducing myself I said “I am Kassandra with a  k.” then I am cut off and told I do not need a last name as Kassandra with a K is enough. We were told to find where we felt we belonged and be mentored by a department head and get into a key offsider position. When the department head wants to step down you are already trained for the role.
  • “Many hands make light work” was the motto we heard. 8 people packed sand into 1000 recycled white boxes and placed a tea light on top. This was for Earth Hour where we all ate our two-course Annual Organisers Dinner under candle light.
  • We all got to chill out and bond some more after a full day of workshops.
  • I met one of my new favourite bands: A French Butler Called Smith outside the “Duck” I explained I saw them live in Maleny and we bonded over the badness of the poster design for the event (I later remade it – Kassandra Bowers Poster Remake Design). They seemed pretty excited to hear I am a graphic designer.
  •  The candles were lit and we were dressed to impress (dreadlocks and suits is a very good look) as we ate our delicious meal. On the table plan my name was misspelt. I got out my pen and changed it quickly while noone was looking. When everyone was sitting at the table and we were all meeting each other they all said they noticed I changed the spelling of my name.
  • Since I was sitting next to the Foresight Practitioner I asked about a quote I heard countless times at university: “we are training you for jobs that do not exist yet”. Basically I am trained to encounter change as an given and be adaptable to it. I now think it has to do with the transdispiclinary learning that took place at university.
  • John Sullivan Federal MP introduced John Schumann as the Guest Speaker at the dinner. John explained the whole story about the song “Nineteen”.
  • The Annual Organisers Awards took place.
  • A French Butler Smith took the stage, warmed up the dance floor with a tango and then had us all dancing our feet off. At the end of their set when everyone was asking for an encore I reasoned them into it by saying “but come on, the instruments are here and sound checked, the lights are going, your on stage and you have us all dancing here” we got not one but two encores – we were truely spoilt. I did not let them leave without giving them my contact card and having a much longer chat to at least one group member – the saxaphone player.
  • Since we would all not catch up again for about a month we all braced ourselves for a long night of just living and taking it as it happens. It somewhat drizzled on us, the circle got smaller, the bar closed and we were told not to waste all the wine (don’t let it go in the bin it was purchased for you to consume). The next thing I remembered it was 6am, the sun was appearing and there was only three of us standing. I crawled into my tent for a couple of hours of sleep.
  • Day Three

    • Most people were a little worse for wear today but we perservered.
    • We kickstarted the day with breakfast and a talk about the aspiration campaign.
    • There was a brief update about department heads.
    • There was a discussion about new software developed to facilitate all the issues arised during events.
    • We were told about the large storm approaching the site and were instructed to do the group photo and go home early if you wanted to. The group photo becomes history as it is archieved as proof that a group of people organised and ran all the festivals that QFF does – The Dreaming, The Planting and Woodford Folk Festival.
    • I went home after spending 20 minutes with my department head learning about the department.

    It was great I can’t wait until I get to see my family at Woodfordia again soon.