26th June 2009

most perfect photo of MAD1

most perfect photo of MAD1

This is a digitally enhanced image of our family pet “Mad1” (she is crazy). The most useful thing I learnt from my digital photography course at university was how to fully use the half-shutter options to focus lock the camera – then you call out to the dog, she looks you release and then the most perfect image of Mad1 is taken. The grass was a little dead due to TOO MUCH rain so a layer of green over the image then blending it into the grass to look natural with layer transparency options. Once it looks good a copy is made of the locked background layer (original colours) and then the green grass layer (merged at this point) has become a mask layer to mask out the green looking dog. Its subtle but makes Mad1 look even more perfect.

Wil Anderson

25th June 2009
Wil Anderson - In Stiches memorial poster

Wil Anderson - In Stitches memorial poster

┬áThis is a digitally enhanced photograph of my “Wil Anderson In Stitches memorial poster” which is┬ásigned by Wil Anderson, includes the ticket, logo from comedy festival, a blurb on comedy festival and the small version of the promotional posters for Wil’s performance. That was a great show, Wil is a champ! It was very strange and coincidental that Sharri and I met Wil Anderson on Queen Victoria Bridge here in Brisbane, since none of us actually live in Brisbane and at which stage its not really a common route through the city for pedestrians.

The poster was made the day after from a frame that was purchased but never used and some matte that was purchased and turned out to be the wrong size (no reciept no refund they told me) it was great to be able to reuse both and make something that is a memorial to a strange moment indeed.