Wedding Book

I was very happy to hear that two good friends of mine were getting married and even more honoured to be the photographer at their wedding. The day went very well and the photographs turned out quite well despite being in the harsh Queensland afternoon sun.

As an extra special present to my two friends, and their family, I took the best photographs and created a photobook for them.

cover of wedding book designed by Kassandra

cover of wedding book

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I had a lot of fun taking the photographs and lots of fun creating the book but the most fun was the reaction of the new bride, she loved them. I have already been told that the people she has shown it to have really liked that I captured the feeling from the day within the book – my aim exactly!

puppies for sale poster

I was recently asked to design a poster to sell Mad1’s puppies. These are adorable mini-foxies. After taking around 200 photographs and getting about 10 useful photographs the old saying that photographers should not work with animals has been proven once again! I was designing with the idea that I wanted a “standard” community message board poster but with a more appropriate visual heirarchy. I am tired of seeing for sale posters with the largest element being the words “for sale”! So here is the poster:

a poster designed to sell puppies

mini foxies for sale poster

The other final touches were the names the family have been calling the puppies and the words mini foxies were included in with the phone number. (I have grabbed a phone number off a poster like this but when I got home I totally forgot why I grabbed the number). I also finished off the poster by trimming along the vertical lines between the phone numbers and also perforating the horizonal line making it super easy to tear away the phone number. So far (one week later) one puppy has been sold!

Colour and Light

When I studied photography at university we were asked to photograph under various lighting conditions. I decided to take this experiment one step further by setting up an experiment with coloured material, daylight exposure settings and various lighting conditions. The aim is to SEE how light affects colour. When I did the class I created a book with spreads that looked like this:

the old layout for the "Colour and Light" book

The old "Colour and Light" book

After finishing university, with some free time on my hands, I have completely redesigned the whole book. The following image is all the spreads (scaled) with the concept, conclusions and title (larger).

The new layout for the "Colour and Light" book

the new "Colour and Light" book


Photography by Kassandra
Title and spectrum “decoration” created in Illustrator
Layout in InDesign