light play photoshop

I just found this on one of my drives. This is taking one of the light play photographs and using layers in photoshop to make something interesting. I used this as a wallpaper.


light play layers photoshop

multiples layers of same image

Colour and Light

When I studied photography at university we were asked to photograph under various lighting conditions. I decided to take this experiment one step further by setting up an experiment with coloured material, daylight exposure settings and various lighting conditions. The aim is to SEE how light affects colour. When I did the class I created a book with spreads that looked like this:

the old layout for the "Colour and Light" book

The old "Colour and Light" book

After finishing university, with some free time on my hands, I have completely redesigned the whole book. The following image is all the spreads (scaled) with the concept, conclusions and title (larger).

The new layout for the "Colour and Light" book

the new "Colour and Light" book


Photography by Kassandra
Title and spectrum “decoration” created in Illustrator
Layout in InDesign