CD cover art

Last year I was asked by a musician to do a photo shoot and to create a stylised vector drawing of him for the cover of his upcoming CD. Long story short: the three versions of the illustration never saw the light of day until now.

Since the design remains my intellectual property I can show you the stylised vector of the unnamed musician:

a musician that will not be named since they were an uncooperative client who wanted to rip me off

Three versions of the stylised vector ready for the CD cover


For what it is worth: I chose the bottom of the three versions for the cover and placed all the required text in the white space and it looked amazing.

Woollen … thing

I felt like making something with my hands. I remember making these woollen things as a child – on a much smaller scale with paddle pop sticks. To begin I went into my backyard to find a couple of good sized sticks. Then I went through my mum’s wool collection and found rements of wool to use. Then I started securing the sticks and looping the wool around the sticks, over and over again until I finished.  I quickly made an information graphic (using Kassandra Designs Signature Typeface I have designed) to explain what I did.

Kassandra design illustrating method

How to make the woollen thing.

I have taken plenty of photographs of the final product. Here is two – one is how I suggest it is displayed (stuck in the ground) and a close up of the centre.

woollen thing by Kassandra - photograph and design by Kassandra

The Woollen ... Thing.

I used purples and blues and a row of black between the two. It looks great and I kept my hands busy for a few hours while I made it.

Colour and Light

When I studied photography at university we were asked to photograph under various lighting conditions. I decided to take this experiment one step further by setting up an experiment with coloured material, daylight exposure settings and various lighting conditions. The aim is to SEE how light affects colour. When I did the class I created a book with spreads that looked like this:

the old layout for the "Colour and Light" book

The old "Colour and Light" book

After finishing university, with some free time on my hands, I have completely redesigned the whole book. The following image is all the spreads (scaled) with the concept, conclusions and title (larger).

The new layout for the "Colour and Light" book

the new "Colour and Light" book


Photography by Kassandra
Title and spectrum “decoration” created in Illustrator
Layout in InDesign

warehouse conversion

23 June 2009

I have been designing houses these last few years. This is the first one I have digitally drawn the floorplan for. Having done technical drawing at school for four years and now being able to vector illustrate has meant I can combine these skills. These houses are all 3D walk through versions on my laptop where I have been patient and screenshot/”taking photos” as I have walked through. Showing floorplans isn’t helpful to some people and loading the program and shuffling files (5 available slots) is tedious. I shall post some “photos”/digital renders of some of these rooms.

FLOORPLAN Warehouse Conversion ground floor
FLOORPLAN Warehouse Conversion ground floor
FLOORPLAN Warehouse Conversion - top floor

FLOORPLAN Warehouse Conversion - top floor

 This particular home would cater for all my artistic needs having large art, design and photography studios downstairs. The house is created from an imaginary warehouse – I would indeed like to convert a warehouse in much this way. The large open space/void is open to the typical warehouse skylight and is a standout feature in this house. This space can be useful as an art space, a party venue, live music venue or to park the car. There is a master suite which would be occupied by myself and then the guest quarters contains a foyer with bay window, over night room with four single beds, a long term stay room, a shower and separate water closet. Each upstairs room will have one way glass to be able to view to open space area. The following is a “photo” montage of various parts of the house:

digital renders of warehouse conversion

digital renders of warehouse conversion