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I have just set up an account with Society 6. Well, actually, I made the account quite a few years ago but spent more time adding to Redbubble.

Making designs or patterns is a fun way for me to be creative and learn more tricks using the software I use daily. It is a nice way to blow off some steam so to speak. There is something very freeing about turning an idea I have in my head into something that can outside of myself. Creation. So when sites like Redbubble and Society 6 will do print on demand it makes sense to sell on these services.

There is something so very satisfying about seeing a design that I created mocked up on different items. I am used to seeing shirts, prints and I have been making custom clock faces. But Society6 has some other items I am not used to seeing like chairs, furniture, picnic rugs and yoga mats. Many gift ideas here.

society62Annotation 2020-01-07 185503yoga-yoga

Check out full store:


Chester Carlson Poster – Photocopy of a photocopy

Obviously inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. This is Chester Carlson (the guy who invented “electro photography” AKA the photocopy. I call it Photocopy of a Photocopy. I made this for the PrintEx11 poster competition.


old wallpapers

Putting this old wallpaper on here made me open the folder full of these old but still lovely wallpapers. These are all mostly made with photographs that I have taken or fractals I generated and multiple layers in photoshop.

The caption is the name of the wallpaper and also the foundation of what made it.


Bollywood - two fractals

bush gerl - photo relection

digital desert - photograph


skylight very funky - photograph reflected


mega energy bonus pack - fractal


my light energy - photograph and vector


eerie - photograph


portal tunnel - fractal


power within - two photographs


psy psy - two fractals


self portrait of duel personalities - unedited photograph


sun of an arvo - photograph


we spoilt it - unedited photograph with text


CD cover art

Last year I was asked by a musician to do a photo shoot and to create a stylised vector drawing of him for the cover of his upcoming CD. Long story short: the three versions of the illustration never saw the light of day until now.

Since the design remains my intellectual property I can show you the stylised vector of the unnamed musician:

a musician that will not be named since they were an uncooperative client who wanted to rip me off

Three versions of the stylised vector ready for the CD cover


For what it is worth: I chose the bottom of the three versions for the cover and placed all the required text in the white space and it looked amazing.