Friendship Bracelets

I bought a book recently about how to make friendship bracelets – the woven kind with your name written into the bracelets. I have wanted to know how to make them for years and I was so happy to find a book about it (reduced) that included light and dark purples (my favourite colour).

I made one for myself – If you can’t be your own friend you cannot be a friend to others.
(I did  not get a good photograph before I had it tied to my wrist quite permenantly)

I decided to make a friendship bracelet – well more of a keyring or bookmark for my friend Lauren.

This is how it all turned out:

Friendship Bracelet made for Lauren by Kassandra

Lauren's friendship bracelet

I would make these for my guy friends but I am unsure if they would wear them.  I guess now this skill is a little trick up my sleeve and I could always make these for anyone and possibly make a small amount of money out of the skill.


Painting for Harry

Harry asked me to paint, well some paintings, for the living room in his new townhouse. Upon spending a few evenings in this living room I realised that the red couches in this room seemed to appear very brown due to all the brown furniture. Harry said he would prefer two panels minimum and that the should be able to work however he needed them to on the wall – he even said “at crazy diagonals if I choose to”.

I started to plan. I realised I wanted yellow and blue/cyan to be the main two colours across the two panels. This is so the red couches stand out a little more as they (paintings and couches) form the primary colours (when painting). The other thing I looked into was using fibonacci numbers so that the panels would be pleasing to the eye. I wanted to experiment with spraypainting and creating drip work on canvass (something I have not done yet).

The two panels are called:

Designed to make Harry’s “red” couches stand out – Panel A and
Designed to make Harry’s “red” couches stand out – Panel B

Before I gave these to Harry I decided to photograph them (of course) but mostly in order to show how many ways the panels really can be placed on a wall – and I only spent two minutes thinking of ways while photographing…

painting by Kassandra Bowers for Harry

Designed to make Harry's "red" couches stand out

I noticed how easy this would be to do with any colour that someone required (favourite colours, sports team colours, go with interior decoration etc) and once I started to show these to people they agreed at how well this custom art/design would sell for – if you are interested in having me paint you a set leave a comment and I will contact you.