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I have just set up an account with Society 6. Well, actually, I made the account quite a few years ago but spent more time adding to Redbubble.

Making designs or patterns is a fun way for me to be creative and learn more tricks using the software I use daily. It is a nice way to blow off some steam so to speak. There is something very freeing about turning an idea I have in my head into something that can outside of myself. Creation. So when sites like Redbubble and Society 6 will do print on demand it makes sense to sell on these services.

There is something so very satisfying about seeing a design that I created mocked up on different items. I am used to seeing shirts, prints and I have been making custom clock faces. But Society6 has some other items I am not used to seeing like chairs, furniture, picnic rugs and yoga mats. Many gift ideas here.

society62Annotation 2020-01-07 185503yoga-yoga

Check out full store:


On a roll

I have been really having fun making clock designs to sell on Redbubble. I dont quite remember the last time I had a spare moment to myself let alone full time creative freedom. It’s nice. Here are four clocks I have designed that Redbubble print and manufacture.

green-silver-clock-mockpink,black,grafitti-clockstarClock2clock design print on demand drop shipping cute butterfly leaves redbubble art for sale

Chester Carlson Poster – Photocopy of a photocopy

Obviously inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. This is Chester Carlson (the guy who invented “electro photography” AKA the photocopy. I call it Photocopy of a Photocopy. I made this for the PrintEx11 poster competition.


Flower Tag design

I recently bought 10 different types of flowers and pots to plant them in so I could add some colour to my backyard. After planting I was very upset at how crappy the flower tags were. I will not show the originals because they were that bad. They were all red, had a crazy huge logo and the text for each flower was small, upper case and white on red. These tags were more about the company who grew them than about the individual flowers. I had to change this – design tags that were all about the flowers and not me.

As a graphic designer and photographer I started with photographing my new flowers. After getting the photographs off my camera I had to select all the best photographs, about 10 minutes. I spent about 15 minutes getting a rough template together that has the shape, clipping mask all ready to go and the text in place. Using the ‘template’ and the selected photographs, typing in the name, changing colours etc took about 20 minutes for all the tags. So basically I made 10 flower tags in about 45 minutes. Below is 8 of the 10 tags:

flower tags designed by Kassandra

New flower tag design (on black to make the colours pop)

Once I printed them all I cut them out and laminated them and then cut them out (again). Below are the flower tags as they are displayed in the pots:

photographs of the flower tags designed by Kassandra in situ

photographs of the flower tags on display

I have already had some friends and family mistake these flower tags for being the tags that came with the flowers since they are so well designed and professional looking. I smile because this is what I do.