puppies for sale poster

I was recently asked to design a poster to sell Mad1’s puppies. These are adorable mini-foxies. After taking around 200 photographs and getting about 10 useful photographs the old saying that photographers should not work with animals has been proven once again! I was designing with the idea that I wanted a “standard” community message board poster but with a more appropriate visual heirarchy. I am tired of seeing for sale posters with the largest element being the words “for sale”! So here is the poster:

a poster designed to sell puppies

mini foxies for sale poster

The other final touches were the names the family have been calling the puppies and the words mini foxies were included in with the phone number. (I have grabbed a phone number off a poster like this but when I got home I totally forgot why I grabbed the number). I also finished off the poster by trimming along the vertical lines between the phone numbers and also perforating the horizonal line making it super easy to tear away the phone number. So far (one week later) one puppy has been sold!


26th June 2009

most perfect photo of MAD1

most perfect photo of MAD1

This is a digitally enhanced image of our family pet “Mad1” (she is crazy). The most useful thing I learnt from my digital photography course at university was how to fully use the half-shutter options to focus lock the camera – then you call out to the dog, she looks you release and then the most perfect image of Mad1 is taken. The grass was a little dead due to TOO MUCH rain so a layer of green over the image then blending it into the grass to look natural with layer transparency options. Once it looks good a copy is made of the locked background layer (original colours) and then the green grass layer (merged at this point) has become a mask layer to mask out the green looking dog. Its subtle but makes Mad1 look even more perfect.