I have spent some time today giving a much needed facelift today. For those who do not know, Lakazdi is the name I use for all my professional document design work. I’ve been making books, forms and other documents.


Upwork Customer Support Team

Hi Elizabeth,
I believe you still look after customer service for Upwork. If so I am sure you will be interested to know that the Customer Support Team are working as a wall between customers and your ability to provide solutions. This team habitually cut and paste responses without properly reading emails. When asked to pass on notification of systemic failure they either do not read or push back.
I believe you are sincerely interested in improving the quality of service that the Upwork platform provides and hope this email raises your awareness of how the Customer Support Team is working against your interests.
If you require further information please respond via Linked In or directly to
Thank you for your time.
Kassandra Bowers

etsy sale: Fragments of Urban Typography





"Proliferation of Digital Typeface in the Urban Environment"

“Proliferation of Digital Typeface in the Urban Environment”

Fragments of Urban Typography is available to purchase from

sharing dinner blog running the Hatch Theme running the Hatch Theme

I have another blog which is about food. Of course, don’t we all.


About Sharing Dinner

Simple easy wholesome recipes from two people who make and eat simple easy wholesome food. We do not want to spend more time cooking then we do eating. We eat mostly seasonal vegetarian food.

invoice design

My new invoice design. This was designed in Libre Office Calc aka Excel. The top and bottom are pictures created in Illustrator.  It picks up values from a pivot table and has made my life better. The pattern down the side is cells with fills. Suffice to say this was not an easy piece of design to work with but I am very happy with the outcome.


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postcard design

photo of people riding bikes wearing helmets along waterfront, island in the background, blue sky, blue water, kassandradesigns, lakazdi, kassandra, photography, sylised text postcard style, corny cheesy postcard,

A postcard I designed to post out to friends and family. I decided to make the text “cheesy postcard style” which I enjoyed creating. I am also riding my bike wearing a dress that designed and sewed.


The secret with the text was the selection tool to get space inside the type and deleting the inverse from photographs. These shapes of photograph are in layers behind the black text. I also used the selection and expand options to apply a white edge on the inside and the outside of the text. This was the most time consuming part of the process.

This was a fun, simple project which only took me an hour from start to print!

email signature

I have resigned my email signature.



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